Support for study and employment

Going to school

Entering a school with full support
  1. Homeroom teachers and experienced staff are available for each student.
  2. Select the best university / vocational school based on your wishes and academic achievements.
  3. Confirmation of application form.
  4. Guidance on creating motivation.
  5. Advice on how to study for the exam (study methods, textbooks, questions, etc.)
  6. Interview guidance until satisfied
  7. Guidance for graduate school applicants to prepare a research plan

Employment guidance

Employment guidance on student request
  1. Homeroom and job hunting staff consult with each student
  2. Advice on your preferred area of employment
  3. Guidance on preparation for the employment exam written test (general knowledge / SPI).
  4. Interview preparation guidance. Our staff will consult with each student.

Introduce employment guidance and employment from our affiliated companies to students seeking employment.

*Limited to students with qualifications to obtain a work visa in Japan.

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